New Play to Earn Gaming Platform Will Feature NFT Worlds based on Minecraft

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The popular game Minecraft is building a new play to earn gaming platform that will feature NFT Worlds.  This has not been approved as of yet.

  • Multiple projects are now building on top of the popular game ‘Minecraft.’
  • NFT Worlds is one such project that is now on Minecraft.
  • Microsoft, the owner of Minecraft, has not yet approved of NFT Worlds.

Minecraft, the sandbox video game developed by Mojang Studios but currently owned by Microsoft, is turning into Web3. This is as a result of the changes made by developers who are trying to create a functional metaverse using Minecraft.

One such project building on Minecraft is NFT Worlds. NFT Worlds is a cryptocurrency-based game that has been built on third-party Minecraft servers. The co-founders ArkDev and Temptranquil (pseudonyms) describe NFT Worlds as a fully decentralized, fully customizable, community-driven, play to earn gaming platform. They have decided to build NFT worlds on Minecraft because Microsoft is a developer-friendly software. Moreover, they believe it is less rigid than competitors like Roblox.

Even so, there are inherent risks to building a Web3 world on top of an existing centralized game, especially one owned by tech giants such as Microsoft. The developers are aware of these dangers. So, to prevent getting rugged, they are maintaining close contact with Microsoft reps to ensure they are not violating Minecraft’s End User License Agreement (EULA).

“We do work pretty closely with their IP enforcement team,” Tranquil said. However, it is still unclear whether Microsoft approves of this endeavor.

According to NFT Worlds’ whitepaper, each NFT contains a world seed, which is a code that creates a Minecraft world. And when these NFTs are bought, the owner can then call their seed from the token contract and input it into Minecraft. If a user wants to turn this world into a metaverse destination, they will need to host it on their own server.

However, this method of working was implemented earlier as well. But, the  NFT Worlds integrates Web3 into this concept by turning the Minecraft worlds into resellable tokens. Above all, NFT World also adds its own cryptocurrency, $WRLD.

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