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Universe Island
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  • The evolution of games was witnessed by all.
  • Universe Island is a new gaming platform that will launch soon.
  • Game players can earn UIM tokens as rewards.

In the past, the evolution of games shifted from bulky computers to consoles and finally to the tiny screens that people kept with them at all times–mobile phones. From Spacewar, the first computer game, to Tennis for Two, the first console game, and finally to Tetris, the first mobile game in the early nineties, the gaming world has come a long way. However, a new addition to gaming that has completely caused a noticeable paradigm shift in the trend of mobile games has been marked with the integration of NFTs in the gameplay that allows players to be rewarded in virtual assets.

The integration of NFTs has taken the gaming industry in general to a whole new level and has caused many games to emerge as a platform that combines a traditional gaming experience with crypto and NFT rewards. Universe Island is one such game that is designed.

Universe Island is a classic 1vs1 shooting game that occurs in the third person. The game features custom maps and different islands with unique terrains and AI enemies that players will get to encounter in the course of the matches.

Each match in Universe Island is expected to last for about 5-7 minutes long with its players spawning at opposite ends of the map with full HP (100 health points). In order to win the match and earn rewards in the form of UIM tokens, the players are supposed to maneuver around the map with the goal of defeating their enemy and being the last player standing. The more a player wins, the more rewards he/she will gain allowing more in-app purchases or staking which can help them buy NFT cards or claim infinity NFT cards that would provide special boosts for the characters. As the win rate of a player increases, he/she will also pave the path to become a part of the group of elite players.

With the launch date of the first public version of the game coming around the corner, the team of Universe Island is all set to bring in a new experience on the table of the usual play-to-win games. Furthermore, features like the Augmented Reality (AR) Implementation that enables players to view their in-game character in a real-world environment, as well as a walkthrough Metaverse Gallery, wherein players can display and explore the collectables they earned; all this makes the Metaverse even more unique. All you need is a mobile, and you are all set to go! If the world of gaming or that of crypto is something that fascinates you, then get ready to join us in this adventure of being a part of the metaverse!

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